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Celebrating American Craft and Neighborhood Small Businesses

Showing support for those already doing great things encourages others to start. Take control of how your community looks by thinking differently about how you shop.

Local Maker Core Values

Local Maker is a celebration of American craftsmanship and a commitment to supporting neighborhood small businesses. By thinking differently about how we "consume" we will leave the world a better place than how we found it. The LM Guide  is a collection of shops worthy of the "Local Maker Approved" endorsement. These businesses are a reflection of each-other: if you like one, you will love the rest.

Criteria for Endorsement:

1. Independently owned and operated in the region in which they are based.

2. Commitment to selling handmade, local, vintage/repurposed or sustainable and eco-friendly goods whenever possible.

3. Aligns with the LM aesthetic, places a strong emphasis on design, quality and customer experience.

Ashley's Story

"I'm the product of an amazing upbringing in rural Vermont, which is where I first learned what it meant to run a small business and to work really hard for what you have.


As a student at the University of Vermont I learned to apply my natural talents for problem solving and numbers to the real world through economics, and found my passion for community development. Hoping to pursue a career shaping the landscape of our towns and cities, I went on to earn a Masters Degree in Economics from Boston University.

Through a strange twist of fate, I then found myself working for a software start-up! After seven years being immersed in all aspects of sales, marketing, operations and strategy, I like to say I earned my MBA from the "school of hard-knocks". It has been a strange path, but looking back now I see how it all lead me here, exactly where I was meant to be". 

- Ashley Seamans | Founder, Local Maker

I'm in, but how do we do it?

Every day we make decisions about where to spend our money and time sending signals about what we value. Local Maker provides resources for shoppers, retailers and product brands aimed at shifting dollars toward small businesses doing big things.

Founder, Ashley Seamans, designed Local Maker as a foundation for connecting shoppers, retailers and artisans to feed the small business ecosystem and shape the future of our communities. The LM Guide is a virtual resource, curated based on the LM Core Values to help shoppers find great indie retailers whether at home or on the road. You can trust that when you see the "Local Maker Approved" endorsement you will not be disappointed. 

There is no LM Guide without the shopkeepers and artisans working hard every day to build their businesses and delight their customers. LM services are geared towards helping product brands and retailers run successful, fulfilling businesses and give future generations the confidence to pursue their dreams. Learn more...