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What the LMBA is all about.

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2021

You don’t need an MBA to run a successful business. Even if you have an MBA, it’s very possible that you still lack the tools you really need to run a small business yourself, and to get the outcomes you want. So many makers and retailers have built their businesses from the ground up, learning from what we call the School of Hard Knocks -- but you don't have to. 

Enter the LMBA.

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The Local Maker Business Academy® is an alternative educational resource where you can learn what you need to fill the gaps between your business know-how and passion. The LMBA was founded with small business owners in mind. We know from personal experience that you don’t have the time to go back to school, nor the money to gamble away by pursuing a degree that isn't designed for you. Traditional education is not made for you: the LMBA is.

How are we different from the hundreds (thousands?) of people out there offering to change your business and bring you success? First, we are not here to teach you about lead magnets, sales funnels, social media advertising, or [insert sales or marketing buzzword here]. We are here to teach you best business practices and techniques centered on numbers-based decision-making. You started your business to make money, right? Well, we’re here to teach you how make that money AND keep it.

At the LMBA, we want you to learn what you need, so our courses focus on precise topics that relate directly to running a profitable small business. Our short, 3-5 minute lessons will teach you techniques to master business strategy, budgeting, cash flow management, and financial planning, all on your own time. We know everyone has their own schedule, so you can enroll in our courses at any time of the year, and complete the lessons at your own pace — you’ll have access to each course for 365 days.

No matter what the topic, each LMBA® course contains three crucial parts:

  1. WHY these skills are critical for your business
  2. WHAT the concepts actually are
  3. HOW to immediately implement your new knowledge

Making decisions based on repeatable frameworks -- like the why-what-how formula -- will help you achieve the results you're after, no matter which area of your business you want to improve.

While we won’t ask you to defend a dissertation at the end, we do provide you with exercises throughout the course that use your business (or future business) as the example, so you learn by doing -- and you’ve already started the work by the time you complete the lessons.

You’ll first see this demonstrated in our most essential course: Master Your Numbers (MYN). Consider this LMBA 101 — every course we write uses the terms and definitions laid out in MYN, so we strongly suggest you start there. From the very beginning, we follow a structure of why-what-how, where we help you understand why a topic is important, what the concept actually is, and how to implement it immediately. This holistic approach ensures that you aren’t just going through the motions: you will understand the inner workings of your own business so you can take charge and proactively change for the better, making decisions based on data and proven frameworks instead of emotion.

To top it all off, our courses are à la carte, but with prix fixe prices. You choose the course that best suits your needs, and you’ll get tailored, high-value content for only $150. You may get an idea worth $150 in the first lesson, so imagine what a full course will bring!

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