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Whether you're just starting out or ready to expand, we'll give you the skills you need to be a powerhouse business owner, without the expensive degree. Our courses are based in real world experiences from small business owners like you. Learn all the lessons, minus the struggle.

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You don't need an expensive degree to succeed in business.

So many makers have built their businesses from the ground up, learning from what we call the School of Hard Knocks -- but you don't have to, and you don't need an MBA either. The Local Maker Business Academy® is an alternative educational resource where you can learn what you need to fill the gaps in your business know-how. 
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Every course, explained.

No matter what the topic, each LMBA® course breaks down into three parts:

1. WHY these skills are critical for your business

2. WHAT the concepts actually are

3. HOW to immediately implement your new knowledge

Making decisions based on repeatable frameworks - like the why-what-how formula - will help you achieve the results you're after, no matter which area of your business you want to improve.

Business Structure

Wandering aimlessly is fine if touring Venice, but running a successful business requires thoughtful planning.

Money Management

Bookkeeper who? Learn the ins and outs of business accounting and planning, and finally take control of your finances.

Operations + Systems

Spend less time working in your business and more time working on it - implement tools to make quick work of the details.

Revenue Generation

Making sales no matter the cost?? Focus on sustainable sales - and ensure those sales amount to actual profit.

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Master Your Numbers

$120 Pre-Sale

A new course each month.

Running a business is a multi-faceted endeavor, and there are endless topics to cover. The LMBA® will publish one new course every month, rotating between Business Structure, Money Management, Operations + Systems, and Revenue Generation.

This month's course:

Master Your Numbers: Finance Basics to Take Control Over Your Cash

Learn why it is so important to understand your business finances, what to do to remove the emotion and take control of your cash, and how to use our "profit first" system to guarantee you pay yourself AND all your bills.


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